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Pure Air Testing, Inc.

Pure Air Testing, Inc. is a full service provider based out of the Chicago Land area. 

We test, certify and maintain equipment for establishments with Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Devices, Chemical Fume Hoods, and HEPA filtered ventilation systems.  We also do compliance testing for USP797 and USP800 clean rooms.  Other services such as decontamination are also available.

We are known by Universities, Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals in the Midwest Area.

Pure Air Testing, Inc. offers services for certification, testing, repairs and scheduled maintenance for all the equipment listed. 

As-needed and/or long-term service agreements available.

Laminar Flow Clean Bench

The laminar flow clean bench is a work bench with unidirectional airflow.  Using HEPA filter with a rating of 99.99% efficient.  


Chemical Fume Hood

Laboratory fume hoods are the first defense to minimize chemical exposure to workers. Fume hoods have many different uses which should be a part of all laboratory safety programs.

Clean Room Certifications

USP sterile compounding facilities and ISO clean rooms.  Cleanrooms are rooms that use HEPA filtration to clean the rooms with purified air, in combination with pressure differnetials and ACPH (Air Changes per Hour) to reduce contamination of airborne conditions in the critical areas. 


Biological Safety Cabinet

The purpose of a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is to ensure protection for the user, the environment and at the same time protect the product. We test all types of BSC's Class I, Class II and Class III.