Clean Room Certifications

USP sterile compounding facilities and ISO clean rooms. Cleanrooms are rooms that use HEPA filtration to clean the rooms with purified air, in combination with pressure differnetials and ACPH (Air Changes per Hour) to reduce contamination of airborne conditions in the critical areas.

Laminar Flow Clean Bench

The laminar flow clean bench is a work bench with unidirectional airflow. Using HEPA filter with a rating of 99.99% efficient.

Chemical Fume Hood

Laboratory fume hoods are the first defense to minimize chemical exposure to workers. Fume hoods have many different uses which should be a part of all laboratory safety programs.

Biological Safety Cabinet

The purpose of a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is to ensure protection for the user, the environment and at the same time protect the product. We test all types of BSC's Class I, Class II and Class III.

Pure Air Testing, Inc

Pure Air Testing, Inc. is an independent, full service testing and certification company.  Pure Air Testing, Inc. tests Biological Safety Cabinet, Laminar Flow Devices, Chemical Fume Hoods, HEPA filtered ventilation systems and also provide decontamination services.

We are strictly a service company that offers a completely unbiased evaluation of your equipment or product(s).  We are committed to provide the highest quality workmanship and service at a competitive price, without sacrificing customer service.

We understand the many facets and complex inter-relationship of your equipment’s performance and can evaluate the data and readings to give you a comprehensive view of how the device is performing.  Our testing procedures verify your equipment is functioning properly with national, industry, and customer specified certification standards.

Our testing equipment is state of the art, N.I.S.T traceable for reliable, precise readings.  All calibration certificates are available to the customer per their request.  Our reports are generated immediately and easy to review and understand.  Read more about Pure Air Testing, Inc. services to see how we can help you.

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Our Techinians are 100% NSF Certified



What our clients are saying!

I have partnered with Pure Air Testing for our clean room certifications for over 13 years at 2 different pharmacies. Pete (Pure Air Owner) has been very responsive to our needs and always on time with the twice yearly testing. Their reports are easy to read and thorough in all areas of air sampling, contact plate testing, and particle counts. Pete continues to be an important resource beyond routine clean room testing and USP 797 guidelines. Pete was very helpful during our relocation project 2 years ago assisting us with that transition. Being a part of a small independent company ourselves Pure Air has a similar philosophy of making the customer feel that they matter. I highly recommend Pure Air Testing!

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Dennis H, RPh IV Solutions

Pete and his team are always a pleasure to work with and provide the most professional services. They take the time to explain the issues at hand and are very knowledgeable surrounding USP 797 and 800. We appreciate Pure Air Testing’s responsiveness and ability to take care of any issues we have in a timely manner. We know we are receiving the best service by working with Pure Air.

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Lisa Raff, Pharm.D.Northwest Oncology

Our Mission

To become the most dependable and reliable service provider in the Midwest by showing our customers that we unconditionally care for their safety and health and respond to their requests and needs promptly and efficiently.

— Pete Skees, Vice President